RSIA Bunda Jakarta has been actively involved in the development of Assisted Reproductive Technology since 1992. Successful outcome were increasing, but IVF was eventually introduced after several years of exhaustive exploration and setting up process.

Dr Rizal Sini, as the initiator of the project, was very enthusiastic about this. He began further research and exploration in other centers around neighboring countries. After years of visits and series of exploratory meetings, an agreement was finally made between RSIA Bunda Jakarta and Repromed Australia, one of the largest IVF units in Australia. The partnership was developed and the name Morula was chosen, which is a stage in embryology development and an intermediate stage where it represents its ability (readiness) to grow bigger. Thus in 1997, Morula Fertility Clinic was born in Bunda Hospital (Rumah Sakit Bunda). Since then it has successfully established its presence and provided successful in fertility treatment programs. High medical standards have been applied to all clinical and embryological aspects of the treatment. To embark upon a higher level of medical service, Morula had been equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology and ably supported by well-trained medical staff. And almost a decade later -- April 23, 2007 -- with Morulas growth and continued expansion of services, Morula has fully transfered its services to a bigger and better facilities at the Bunda International Clinic, and is now called MORULA IVF Jakarta.